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Serving London and surrounding areas since 1986

Rouse Roofing offers top quality products with expert installations.  Residential re-roofing has always been our specialty. This includes every aspect of your roof from custom flashing’s,  skylights, attic ventilation, ice damming, snow removal plus much more.

We’re excited to offer a new line of base sheet called Breathex. This breathable base sheet allows trapped moisture to escape and help prevent mold and rot.

We know that every house is different and therefore require different skills and knowledge to complete. Consistency is what is missing in today’s renovation market. To have consistency you need to have control over the work being performed. To do this we have put a system in place that every employee follows. All employees are paid hourly eliminating a rushed job. We have found that over the years staying within a manageable size has become our greatest asset.   We didn’t become one of the top roofers in London by chance.

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